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Savannah Giraffe Conservation Coalition Corporation



Our Mission

Ensure a future for giraffes and the diverse habitats on which they depend for their survival

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Our Vision

A world where giraffes thrive in their natural wild environment, people harmoniously coexist with giraffe and biodiversity flourishes resulting in ongoing conservation and preservation of the species.



SGCCC was created for charitable purposes to assist with the conservation of giraffes by supporting effective evidence-based outreach, research, & educational programs carried out by reputable sources. 




Long term, we will assemble an elite coalition of pioneering, innovative  experts to spearhead leading edge technological concepts for the advancement of the field of wildlife conservation ultimately for the benefit of all species and the environment in which they live.  



Bottlenecks For Longnecks



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Bottlenecks For Longnecks is an ongoing bottle drive - collecting bottles and redeeming them to raise money to support giraffe conservation in Africa.  

This is a way that everyone can get involved and take action to make a difference for giraffes and the environment.  Funds generated by Bottlenecks For Longnecks will help to support conservation projects in Africa.




Take Action

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