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Bottlenecks For Longnecks is an ongoing bottle drive - collecting bottles and redeeming them to raise money to support giraffe conservation in Africa.  

This is a way that everyone can get involved and take action to make a difference for giraffes and the environment.

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So, how does it work?  You collect your recyclable bottles, complete the form below, redeem your bottles for cash, then make an online donation here on our website!  Since we are still awaiting state processing of our nonprofit application status, all donations are collected through a GoFundMe campaign for now.  Our goal for this project is to raise $4,000. 

It would be great if you could note how many bottles you collected, however, since I would like to have a grand total at the end!


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If you could include photos of you participating in the bottle drive, I would love to share them on our website and social media!  

OK, so if you live within 50 miles of Mansfield, MA, you have the added benefit of opting to have your bottles picked up and redeemed for you.  Just fill out the form below!


If you are requesting pick-up, please collect enough bottles to fill a large, black contractor's trash bag before scheduling.  To schedule pick-up simply text, call or email and we'll stop by and pick up your bottles!  Contact Dawn at (401) 316-8906.  Email at


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Family Fun Night!

Be sure to stop by our booth at Family Fun Night on July 10!  Find out information about our organization, sign up for Bottlenecks For Longnecks, and have family sized fun!  See you there!


A big THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by our booth at Family Fun Night!  It was so great to meet all of you and share our message and passion about giraffe conservation with you!  We were so inspired by your response and interest in our organization and Bottlenecks For Longnecks Fundraising project and hope to hear from you soon so we can begin redeem those bottles!  If you have any questions about anything or need any further info just give me a call at Dawn (401) 316-8906.

 This was our booth at Family Fun Night!  

This was our booth at Family Fun Night!  

 Another picture of our booth, this one Christian is smiling!  Thank you to everyone who helped & stopped by!

Another picture of our booth, this one Christian is smiling!  Thank you to everyone who helped & stopped by!



If you'd like to become a volunteer with our organization, fill out the following form and check out our signup hub!


World Giraffe Day!

June 21st 2018